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Hi, I’m Verena, a bilingual Actor and Voice Over Artist!


While currently based in London I was born and raised in Austria, which makes it possible for me to deliver work in German with a neutral tone or an Austrian accent – whichever is preferred! Beside that I’m also able to contribute to projects in the English language with a non-descript European accent.


My voice has been described as warm and confident with a cheeky note here and there, perfect for commercial and narrative purposes and much more.

Trained for film and theatre I can also deliver convincing characters for Gaming and Animation. From best friend next door to strong warrior queen, whatever you need I will deliver a truthful performance that your audience can connect with.


My education in theatre has also lead me to find a passion for stage and screen combat and my experience in the martial arts of sword fighting gives me a real edge combined with save practices that provide a great addition to any production, be it theatre, film or motion capture.


If that’s not enough information already you can find my CV below or simply shoot me a message, I would love to have a chat and see how we could work together to bring your wonderful projects to life!





Eye Colour:        

Hair Colour:        

Hair Length:       


Playing Age:       


5’1’’ (155 cm)

9st. 2lb. (58 kg)


Dark Brown


Mature, Warm

20 – 35 years






German (mother tongue)

English (fluent)

(Lower) Austrian

Intermediate Actor Combatant,

Voice Over, Motion and Performance Capture, LED sabre combat, Tai Chi, Translation


  • Theatrical Firearms Course Lv1: Basic - Bare Arms (2022)

  • Further Weapons (Quarterstaff, Longsword) - Kiel O'Shea, BADC (2022)

  • Further Weapons (Case of Rapier, Unarmed) - True Edge, BADC (2021)

  • Capture Your Voice In MoCap - Phil Stilgoe (2021)

  • The Acting Intensive (6 weeks) - Tom Keegan (2020)

  • Combat System Specialisation Course: System 1 Sword - PCA (2020)

  • It's Time to Thrive - Elley Ray Hennessy (2020)

  • Decoding Video Game Audition Sides - Tom Keegan (2020)

  • A Complete Guide - The VO Network (2020)

  • BADC Standard, BASSC Swashbuckling (2019)

  • Motion and Performance Capture - TMA, Neil Newbon (2019)

  • VO Journey - The Showreel (2019)

  • Emotional Storytelling (A Voiceover Masterclass) - Heiko Obermoeller (2017)

  • filmacademy (Vienna, 2014 - 2016)



  • Dramanon | Internal Corporate Film for Siemens | 2022

  • Motion Analysis | BaSix System Demonstration | 2021

  • Temporary Theatre | Power, Fame & Sex | 2018

  • DistrACT | Die Täter | 2016
    "Karls Tochter"

  • QuerAkt | Ein Guter Grund | 2016
    "Die Dame"

  • Josefine Reich | Vogelglück | 2016

  • filmacademy | Maria Stuart | 2016
    "Sir Paulet"

  • filmacademy | Nichts | 2015

  • Creative Monkeys Production Ltd. | Ley and the Key of Life | 2014
    "Sam", "Enemy Agent"



Knight #1
Power, Fame & Sex


L.C. Hamilton, CEO of IAM Collective

Vee Punz's determination for her work as well as her creative input and drive is something I would always come back to and refer to others.

Sibylla Archdale Kalid, director

Vee Punz engaged thoughtfully in conversation about the text and responded really well to direction. Vee has a particular knack for finding the emotional truth in a piece of writing.

Esther Joy Mackay, Assistant Director

Vee Punz is a captivating actor with a fantastic hardworking attitude. Their beautiful portrayal was gentle yet stunning, and I sincerely look forward to having the opportunity to work with Vee again.



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